Laser Tattoo Removal in Windermere, FL

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What is Laser Tattoo Removal?

Whether you no longer like your tattoo or have realized that your ink no longer represents you, you have reliable options to erase your ink and start anew. At Javani Med Spa, Stephanie Antepara, ARNP-C, CEN provides tattoo removal with sophisticated laser technology, the Harmony XL PRO. This laser system utilizes gentle heat energy to shatter the ink inside your skin. To calm the warmth of the laser, the Harmony XL PRO also features an added cooling system to soothe the treatment area. If you have a tattoo you want gone, get in touch with our office in Windermere, FL, and attend a one-on-one appointment with a member of our staff.


How much does laser tattoo removal cost?
The price of tattoo removal will vary by the number of appointments needed and the body parts that are targeted. Each person's situation varies. For instance, several individuals may require a larger number of sessions while others might only need a few.

Why do I need so many laser tattoo removal sessions?
Surface area, pigment, location, and the age of the tattoo will determine the number of sessions needed to adequately get rid of the tattoo. During your appointment, the treatment plan can be discussed, including the number of treatments needed for you to achieve your desired look.

When will I see results?
Results after laser tattoo removal will vary for every individual. After each treatment session, you will see the tattoo appear lighter. Owing to the numerous types of inks utilized in tattooing, the outcomes and the number of required treatments could vary. Generally, several treatments will be needed and are done about one month apart.

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